A Love Letter to Old-School Platformers

XIN-777 is a computer-based video game designed to test the player’s puzzle-solving skills and platforming abilities. The user plays as Xin, a pink-suited high-school boy, as he traverses throughout Heartbreak Academy, a magical institution full of enemies and hazards. Armed with his trusty bow named Sandra, Xin must overcome the obstacles in the school’s park, sewers, and a dark lair to reach Luna, the final boss of the demo playthrough. The enemies scattered throughout the levels are coded by the developers to react to the moves of the player. Level hazards also threaten the player and force the player to act quickly but thoughtfully. Upon beating Luna atop of her Lair, the player is granted a victory scene and details of their playthrough.

Motivated by a love of gaming, Team Andromeda set out to create their own 2D-platformer. We decided to utilize the Unity Game Engine, one of the most popular game engines used in the industry at the moment. Unity allows the player to import various visual and audio files to the Unity client and script them to do a variety of things. Using the C# programming language, we set out to create game mechanics such as motion, animation, and sound and used programming concepts such as object-oriented programming and inheritance. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as the group and I did creating it!

Demo and Code on GitHub